Assessments and Inspections


Public and Private Facility Assessments and Inspections.  Five Year Capital Planning reports for Building Improvements and Maintenance / Repairs.

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Construction Administration


From the Bid Phase through Construction Phase and Project Closeout.  For Public Works / WICKS Law (Public Libraries, K-12 Schools, Municipalities) and Private Owners (Commercial and Residential).

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Program Management


Complete Project Management from initial inception through to Project completion. Orchestrating the "Program" on the Owners behalf, allowing the Owner to continue running their daily operations and not worry about project delivery.

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Assessments and Inspections

Building Condition Survey

114 point Building Condition Assessment, including exterior site and interior building systems with cost estimating and prioritization for repairs and improvements

Annual Fire Safety for C of O

Fire Safety Inspections for annual Certificate of Occupancy compliance as required by New York State

AHERA Inspections

AHERA 6 month Surveillance and 3 Year Triennial inspections and reports for New York State compliance

Five Year Capital Planning

Five Year Capital Improvement Planning after a Building Condition Assessment is completed.  This allows you to plan and budget for future capital improvements 

Infra-Red Scanning

IR thermal imaging for Energy Loss, Water Infiltration, equipment wear and tear.  A fast, safe, non-contact method of inspection

NY State Code Enforcement

NY State DOS Certified Code Enforcement for Building Codes and inspections

Construction Administration

On Site Monitoring of Work

Experienced Construction Managers on site daily, monitoring the work and progress.  Communicating with Owner, Architect, Engineer to resolve conflicts or unforeseen conditions before they adversely impact the project

Conformance to Plans and Specs

Daily review of work and approved plans and specifications to ensure that work is taking place in accordance with Architects and Engineers Designs

Conformance to Project Schedule

Regular review of work and approved project schedule to ensure tasks are completed on time and any delays are cured to avoid impact on project delivery

Daily Field Logs

Daily record keeping of work, manpower allocation and disciplines, deliveries, scheduling conflicts, site and weather conditions and overall progress

Record Photography

Digital photography that records construction progress, materials being installed, means and methods

Payment Requisitions Review

Review of Payment Requisitions, Change Orders, Prevailing Wage submission, Lien Waivers

Program Management

Pre-project Planning

Conceptual planning of project scope, cost and schedule to meet owners expectations

Construction Cost Estimating

The three phases of construction cost estimating to ensure the project remains on budget: Design Development Estimate, Construction Documents Estimate, Bid Documents Estimate 

Building Permit Submissions

Preparing Construction Documents and Specifications (plans and specs) along with General Conditions for Contract and submitting them to the Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) for approval and building permit

Design Development

Taking the conceptual planning to the initial design development stage.  Setting the "program" parameters, project budget and project schedule milestones

Project Scheduling

Preparing and maintaining a Project Master Schedule that tracks all milestone dates with predecessors and successors.  

Grant and Rebate Applications

Preparing Grant and Energy Rebate applications that allow the Owner to receive funding that can be dedicated for project expenditures